Questions & Answers

We often get asked questions about our building and pest inspections.  Below are the most commonly asked questions and their answers for you assistance.

How do I arrange a building and pest inspection?

When you are ready to book your inspections, just call or email us and our friendly staff will make all the necessary arrangements for you.

We will gather all your details and then contact your agent to gain access to the property.  We will then confirm the date and time of your inspections with you.

How do I pay for my inspections?

You can pay at the time of your booking or you can pay the inspectors directly at your inspection. Our methods of payment are: Cash, cheque, EFT or credit card.

Can I attend my inspection?

Yes. If you attend your inspections, our inspectors will discuss their findings with you after they have inspected the property and will go over any areas of concern that they have identified during their inspections with you in terms that you can understand.

What if I can’t attend my inspection?

If you are unable to be present at your inspections, our inspectors are happy to call you after your inspections and provide you with a verbal summary of their findings.

They are also happy to go over your reports with you and answer any further questions you may have. Payments can be arrange by credit card over the phone or by EFT payments.

Do you send out two inspectors for a combined building & pest inspection?

Yes. A building inspector and  a pest inspector will both attend your inspections at the same time. They will both independently undertake your inspections and provide you with two separate reports. This provides you with sets of expert eyes thoroughly inspecting your property.

Do you use themal imaging cameras?

Yes. Thermal imaging is included with your inspection at no extra cost.

Are you insured?

Yes. Our inspections and reports are covered by professional indemnity insurance from Australia’s leading insurer for building and pest inspections – Rapid Solutions. We also hold public liability insurance cover.

Are you licenced?

Yes, our building and pest inspectors are fully licenced as required by the QBCC to undertake and report on pre-purchase and pre-sale building and pest inspections.  Our licence details will appear on your reports.

How soon can I get my reports?

We provide professionally written reports with 24 hours of your inspection.  Reports can be emailed, faxed or sent by express mail. We are also happy to forward copies of your reports directly to your conveyancer or solicitor.

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