Pre‐auction inspections

Pre-auction building and pest inspections

Are you planning to buy at Auction?

If you are purchasing a property at auction its important for you to be prepared and still take all the necessary steps to have the property thoroughly checked out before you place your bid.

To protect yourself from unseen and costly repairs, you should arrange to have your own pre-auction building inspection and pest inspection undertaken prior to the auction date.

Auction contracts are not normally conditional upon the purchaser obtaining satisfactory building and pest inspections.

Its too late for you to get your building and pest inspections after the hammer has gone down and your bid has been accepted by the auctioneer – SOLD!  There is no avenue for recourse if you discover structural or termite damage after you move into your new home.

Your home insurer will not cover you for this type of damage either if their inspector believes the damage was present before you purchased the property.  A pre-auction building and pest inspection report will not only provide you with peace of mind but also provide you with the evidence you require to prove that the damage most likely occurred after you had purchased the property.

Our building & pest inspection Services include:

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Don’t take a risk … be well prepared before you bid!