Combined building & pest inspections

Our most commonly requested inspections!

Your combined building and pest inspections will be carried out by two individual inspectors.  A licensed building inspector and licensed pest inspector who will inspect your property at the same time. We include FREE Thermal imaging, with all of our combined building and pest inspections.

Both inspectors will undertake their inspections independently of each other and this will provide you with not one, but two complete and through inspections of your property.

If you attend your inspections, our inspectors will discuss their findings with you after they have inspected the property and will go over any areas of concern that they have identified during their inspections with you in terms that you can understand.

If you can?t attend your inspections or live interstate or overseas, our inspectors are more than happy to provide you with their verbal summary over the phone.

Both inspectors will provide you with their professionally written reports via email within 24 hours of your inspections. Your inspectors are happy to discuss your reports with you if you still have any concerns or questions.

Your building inspector and your pest inspector, both hold professional indemnity insurance for your added peace of mind and protection.

Call our office or contact us online and we can quickly make all the arrangements for your combined building and pest inspections for you. We will arrange to have both inspectors and your agent booked in at a time that is suitable for you.

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More details about our building and pest inspections or reports that you may be looking for, such as the AREAS WE INSPECT and the EQUIPMENT WE USE, are available on our building inspections and pest inspections web pages.

Our building & pest inspection Services include:

If you have any questions, please call our friendly staff on 1300 884 204 who will be able to assist you.


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